Shaded Visitor


Folks are troubled

By my presence

Never welcome

No, not I

The assignment

Souls to harvest

And to transport

Up on High

I will gather

At the last breath

Leaving pain

And wounds behind

Almost weightless

As I bear them

Oh the suffering

That I find!

But to some

The change is easy

They have seen

Of what comes next

And they almost

Hear my coming

Neither panicking

Nor vexed

And they know

Their earthen treasure

Now is headed

For the Blue

And with them

My grim deliveries

So much easier to do.

But they prove

The bright exception

Others writhe and wail

In pain

Never guessing

I was blameless

When the bombs

Began to rain.

When the jealousy

And avarice

Used the whip

And whistle-blow.

It is men themselves


But they never

Seem to know.

Note: This poem was inspired by the arresting book entitled The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (2005). Death is the narrator and war-torn Nazi Germany is the environment and the point of view is a pre-teen girl coming to know the power, threat and comfort of words on a page.

Think of a beautiful flower now thriving on the other side of the wall. We the faithful will see that flower again in glorious reunion.

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