He took me from the crowd, He did

A quiet shaded place

And kindly grabbed my shoulders

And got into my face

And thought it not improper

To stoop down to my plight

And smiled a knowing smile that said

‘Your ears will soon be right’.

For I had never, ever heard

The children’s laugh at play

The happy din of market-place

The lark at break of day

And silenced, never learned to speak

Or utter heart’s desire.

“Quite dumb” they said

The shame of it

Inside would burn like fire.

But Jesus stopped and smiled and sighed

(I read those lips, you know)

A sigh that seemed to grasp all pain

And feel the anguish so.

Then heaven-ward He cast a glimpse

His hands addressed my ears

And precious words gained access

Rang true, amidst my tears.

“Be opened”; what a manly voice

He spoke those words for me

And loosed my tongue

For cries of joy and thanks



Mark 7: 32-37


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