Gently Now, Gently


The recent posting entitled “Rant” provokes further thought.

Believers see all joy, reward and purpose in the context of Jesus, but they forget how they got there – the progression of influences and decisions.

If one were to approach a suffering, un-churched acquaintance with scripture passages and “hallelujah anyhow” the result could be very counter-productive. We are all tempted to “get him there” as soon as possible.

I would suggest that the ground has to be sprinkled with the love of Jesus before sharing the message and hope of Jesus. How is this manifested? Compassion. Equity. Consistency. Reverend reference to that Name. Confident resistance to wordly trends.

The friend is left perhaps with an impression of peace, comfort and trust not to be found in the other busy participants in the “rat-race”.

Note the Biblical references to “pouring in the oil and wine”. First the healing , soothing influence of…

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