Already Been Said


And said better.

There is a surfeit of teaching in today’s churches. Needed prayer and testimony time will be sacrificed for the sermon (and also, painfully, the announcements). Pastor’s plan is to take a very small portion of Bible text and load on the anecdotes and practical guidelines for “today’s parishioner”.

Unfortunately there is a suspicion evidenced in many pulpits that if too much time is given to straight- out Bible exposition the message will be dusty. Hence all the current and charming extraneous stuff.

Perhaps pastors need to reimagine their roles. Might more emphasis be given to counsellor, comforter, coach, corrector and conductor? What a shock! So much time goes now into the crafting of the sermon.

I must confess that many of the messages sound as if they are being directed to new believers; the foundational message of Grace; the multi-faceted pitch to turn one’s will over to…

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