In Every Gospel


Just a point of interest, but it may speak volumes.

I have found three stories that appear in every Gospel:

1. A small boy volunteers his lunch of five loaves and two fishes to disciples in the effort to feed the 5000.

2. A thankful woman weeps at the feet of Jesus and pours expensive ointment on them.

3. According to law the criminal Barabbas is set free and Jesus bears his punishment at Calvary.

Of course every Gospel also bears reference to the announcement by John the Baptizer and to Palm Sunday and the Upper Room meal and the Gethsemane prayers and the Cross and the Resurrection, but here I deal with the three above. Are these messages focal to the Good News?

1. Jesus never insists that we do the impossible. He only asks that we place what we have to help into His capable hands with faith.

2. All appropriate worship will be self-abasing, thankful and unrestrained at the feet of our Friend and Rescuer. It provides Him with a delightful fragrance.

3. Wrongdoers around the world get to look at the offer of Jesus’ substitutionary death with amazement and the possibility of full deliverance.

Our responses to Jesus’ ongoing mission are both practical and spiritual. Our hope is focused entirely upon Jesus’ love for the lost.


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