Heeland Coows


The road climbs up the heather

And brushes azure sky

And passes crofters’ lodgings

So ancient, we espy.

A rook takes the advantage

Of wind swept through the glen

And mounts with keen adroitness

These timeless haunts of men

Who clashed in bitter battle

Each standard bore a clan

And swords would ring

And pipers sing

In hopes to save the land.

For powers were looming dreadful

And King’s might

Bore the curse.

And Scotsmen braved each season

As times got worse and worse.

And over yon, some creatures

As broad as they were tall

And ruddy, rough

The stalwart stuff

Who grazed and saw it all.

(NOTE: The above painting hangs in our home. It belonged to my parents and was a gift from a Scottish lady who lived across the street in the old neighbourhood. Betty Mann. Her son Steve was a dear boyhood friend, but he always beat me at marbles. Betty used to love my Dad’s take on the Scottish accent. A kitchen coffee table friend to my Mom.)

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