Dear Lord you give us this time to discover the stuff we’re made of, and to aspire to the stuff of which Jesus is made.

You give us a friend or two in order to understand place, pathos, forgiveness and healing power.

You give us a cause to recognize the predominant evil in this world of men, and to ignite to the small present opportunity, mustard-seed small, to turn the tide to something clean and caring.

You give us music and art to explore the indecipherable, and to hold one’s breath so as not to miss a single impulse.

You give us children to rescue the sense of wonder, and to discipline us into kindly letting go.

You give us work to hone a skill, and to battle impatience, self-importance and monotony.

You give us Heaven everlastingly, for the asking, and a sparkling river runs through it.

Love presides.


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