The Flyer

The postman had no kids.

He thoroughly enjoyed the ones he met on his route.

Young Chris was probably top of the list. His Mom living single and working two part-time jobs.

Billing reminders were often in her mail.

It was a Sunday morning, off-duty, when he delivered the  Red Flyer Wagon to the back door of their apartment. Their reaction brought tears to everyone. An invitation for coffee was extended. The young lad was out to the street, the sidewalk and the hill. He shouted to the old neighbour three doors down, “See my wagon. What a neat gift. From a friend. Look out hill. Here I come.”

The leg push with the right leg was rhythm-less at first, but the stride began to lengthen as he thought more about the kindness extended to him. His breathing became steady. His back got into the effort. Yes, this was one of the most special of days.

He reached the crest of the hill and realized just how easy the thrilling run was going to be. He continued the leg movement and the smiles. Herein ends the lesson on the power of being thankful.


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