The “To-Do List”




In so many places in the New Covenant we are shown what to believe; the pegs upon which to hang resolutely our deepest hopes. Romans 10 says much about this.

But what to do?

The other day I was impressed with the commands of Matthew 25. Jesus is approaching His departure. Quite naturally He would want His last words to  His friends to have significant lasting impact. The setting is the Mount of Olives and all the disciples are present.

He gives three images:

1. A group of ten virgins await the night-time arrival of the bridegroom for a great celebration.

2. A departing King dispenses resources to three of His servants that they might occupy in His absence.

3. A King has returned to a throne of judgment to separate with grave finality those who have lived to please Him (sheep) from those who have not (goats).

We are still in that period of waiting for the Glorious Return. We are told here never to allow our sense of expectancy and readiness (lamp-oil) to run low. There have been talents invested in us that we are to put to profitable use in the agenda of the Kingdom. He knows our capabilities. It is the quality not quantity of our response that matters. There will be an accounting that will disclose the real leanings of the heart toward our Great Employer. Jesus reminds us of His “brethren” in need – the hungry, the thirsty, the poorly clothed, the awkward lonely stranger, the sick and the imprisoned. That is the list of mercy targets, just as in the days of His earth walk. That is where His family is to be found, ourselves included.

The list is clear. The opportunities come forth surprisingly. The Spirit of Christ within responds as in the age-old Gospel way.


(above image – the widow’s mite)


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