The Black and Whites

Pain brought him to the keyboard.

Memories of the Gulf

The rigs a rolling

The good old ones been at it

So much longer.

Screeching gulls at

Crimson end of day.

That storm when all hell

Broke loose with the moorings.

Overboard he was

And constraints tearing at his limbs.

Company lawyer played games with a life

Benefits almost all denied.

But there was the music.

The bourbon.

Lulu’s Tuesday and Wednesday

Pelican Pier on weekends.

And the distracted faces who might

Just might, cast a respectful look

When he laid out

‘You’ve Got a Friend”

“When Joanna Loved Me”

“Put Your Hand in the Hand”

The butts grew tall

In the wide brown dish

The coins in the glass

Request notes.

Word was the club was hurting

With the new casino

Down the Inter-state.

But that, another day’s concern.

And the sound of the waves

And his little daughter’s laughter

Talked him to sleep

While the old shutter creaked

In the breezes

Of someone else’s summer.


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