Great Heart

pilgrim's progress

In Pilgrim’s Progress the wife of Christian is accompanied in her
journey to the Eternal City by a valiant knight named Great Heart. He
knows the way. He knows the hazards. He knows the words of promise
that ensure victory.

Commentators would say that he typifies Paul the Apostle.

I have known some like that. Hearts so great that they cannot be
vanquished by death. They must go on. They must have other outlets.
Their sayings are eternal and bring a smile and a straightening of the

I had an Aunt Edith who was like that. There is a hole in the garage
wall in the old home. I punched it as a kid the day I learned that she
was failing in the hospital with intestinal cancer and only days left.
My Mom came home from a visit, shaken by the scene of a grand old
woman muttering, hallucinating and going through the motions of
knitting without anything in her hands.

Death could not possibly stop that heart, that joy, that wisdom. For
me the resurrection is a given.  (Doug Blair)

lion of j

3 thoughts on “Great Heart

  1. Very well expressed. My wonderful grandmother was cooking Thanksgiving dinner in her hospital bed when she passed. I think her cooking and your aunt’s knitting were both tender mercies.

    P.S. This commentator would say that he typifies Jesus, or His Holy Spirit. But that’s just me.

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