Softly Whispered Psalms, Beneath The Shade Of Palms

prayer palm

From the point of view

Where we have been placed

There is not much

That cannot be seen

Travelling the world

Spanning the globe

From a chair on a back paddock

In my prayers…

I run, I soar, without limits

I am free

Like never before

This body is breaking constantly

Defective crumbling


But even the crumbs given

Are as whole loaves

Even what once seemed mere, meager, slighted…

Are gifts in droves

Even the melancholy

Is love stretched to the limits

Only to snap back

Stronger than before every time without fail

Embrace it all we must

“stay the course”

Every bit, every morsel

Of the same Divine source

Perpetually motioning



Adjusting, aligning, refining

Our points of view

Dear Lord…

Right where we have been found

By You.


One thought on “Softly Whispered Psalms, Beneath The Shade Of Palms

  1. “Snapping” back from the melancholy. I love that! It is part and parcel of the unsearchable riches in Christ. Is it not joy to realize that we have been rightly adjusted to His creation and victorious agenda? We are enlarged to the Corporate Heart. Our joys and pains go way beyond the puny circumference of a single life. Selfless is the new and liberating reality.

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