(Image: Jesus is the Ark for our journey.)

He built an ark

And others thought him crazy

They mocked the task

Of mallet, bit and plane.

The family chose

To honour Noah’s wishes

And life for them

Would never be the same.

He had that look

Of one who had touched Glory

He grieved at lust

And wickedness around.

The laughter and

The night-times filled with excess

No thought of God

Or deluge

Obliterating ground.

He heard a Voice

That grieved at the creation

A landscape raped

By men without restraint

Though words had come

For reverent moderation

There was but one

Devoted, tuned-in saint.

And his the charge

To gather all the creatures

To ply in peace

The fearful waves forewarned.

And come they did

By rank to fill

The sturdy vessel

Days before the dreaded storm.

The family shut.

The Ark complete.

But still no moisture.

And camps of revelry

All burning fires of hate.

For seven days

A simple trust

Would judge the nations

Ere God released

Disaster’s dreadful weight.

Now was the Ark

Sufficient for the purpose

And did it bear

The weeks with no “land-ho”?

What God says stands

A certain fount of rescue.

And mercy

Every child of faith will know.

(Luke 17: 26, 27 and Hebrews 11: 7)


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