One thought on “Streams

  1. I didn’t hear a word you said, I got stuck on the word in the back drop
    then I could smell the donuts and coffee!
    I’m easily distracted…I think it was a good message?
    But the flesh…oh the treacherous flesh…DONUTS?!
    C’mon…have a heart?
    On my way to the donut shop now…
    flashing hazard lights
    runnin’ all traffic stops
    homer simpson riding shotgun
    a.p.b. on a madman
    making a run for the donut shop
    Eventually I did repent…
    I did confess…
    but with powdered sugar all over my lips
    This is how we roll…
    me and doug…my bro’!
    feasting on deep fried sweetened pastries with holes.
    with a hunger and a thirst
    only to find the macaroons were all sold out
    not a thing left to find
    with dates or figs
    not even an olive twig
    Jesus and the twelve (doz.)
    all got there first:(
    (the blame falls squarely on doug’s shoulders)

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