‘Til Morning Comes

Sing little heart
Yes even when you’re hurting
Make breath an arrow
Let fly at Satan’s plot.

His plan despair
And faithless disconcerting
Hints at unworthy
Child, even when you’re not.

You have the voice
And faith and memories lifting
Calling to mind
Deliverance of the past.

Sing of God’s grace
And closeness in the moonlight
Sing of His love
‘Til morning comes at last.

4 thoughts on “‘Til Morning Comes

  1. Like any good reflection, we should find one element that speaks to us and let it resonant. In this post, my heart goes to “even when you’re not” that worthiness is a difficult hurdle to master [to either leap over, turn away or go around it] and perhaps at times the most relevant. Convinced that our unworthiness makes any effort futile, but let us “Sing of God’s grace, and closeness in the moonlight” so simple but more true than any science could merit.

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