Gather ‘Round the Banner (Isaiah 11:10)




These notes came to my attention as I pulled a treasured old volume from the shelf this morning. I had almost forgotten that I had recorded them:

Fundamentals of Christian Truth (Acts 2: 16-41)

1. The Incarnation/Virgin Birth

2. Miraculous Ministry of Mercy

3. Atoning Death and Blood-Letting

4. Resurrection According to Scriptures

5. Jesus’ Return in Glory

Fundamentals of Christian Practice (Romans 12)

1. Glorify God – Trust and Obey

2. Expose Wickedness (Salt/Light)

3. Give and Forgive

4. Edify the Brethren

5. Disciple All Nations

Fundamentals of Christian Hope (Hebrews 12)

1. Our Truth is Eternal

2. Our Chastening is Profitable

3. Our Godly Suffering is Currency for Souls

4. Our God is Coming With a Recompense

5. Our Citizenship/Treasure is in Heaven


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