Alert, Plowmen!


Is your hand put to the plow?

Are you tilling Gospel ground?

Are you telling folk the marvels

Of the matchless Grace you found?

Are you bold with benediction?

Are you salt to sting and heal?

Are you speaking plain of life’s trials

That they know your hope is real?

Will you stop along the roadside

To attend a neighbour’s need?

Will you march apace a new drum

And from fashion’s farce be freed?

These are things the plowman sees

As new family grow up strong

And they may not be the blood ones

Who refuse to come along.

But no matter, all is settled

As the lights of Zion rise

And the family of the faithful

Gather right before your eyes.

Are you tilling, gladly tilling

Making straight a fruitful track?

Making light of dull derision?

Stay alert, and don’t look back!

(Image: 3 mighty horses pulling the work – Faith, Hope, Love)


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