Tender Relation

He came from a different environment

So did I

Totally uprooted

Business collapsed

Family of five

Wife staying at home

Learning to communicate anew

Job situation sketchy

Me too.

Past education

Almost down the chute

Fighting with pride

With need

With uncertainty

So had I.

He an Iraqi

With gracious wife beside

Hilary and I next

At the food court

Surrounded by frenetic

Mall activity

The supposed  “Christian”

Shindig of Yule.

But the talk ranged to

Thanksgiving’s power

Blessings of children and family

Essential safety

Safe and healthy sleep.

Wisdom, real wisdom

Which must include the hard knocks.

What an encounter

Fellow travelers

Smiling, laughing, shaking hands

All round the table

Not really worlds apart

In this tender relation.

(Note:It says somewhere early in 2 Corinthians that our transitory sufferings become currency for the consolation and salvation of others…HHMMM)


3 thoughts on “Tender Relation

    1. Yeah I know that you get it Bro’. Sometimes the richest packages come out of straightening. This had been a delightful Sunday afternoon encounter. Male with male: female with female; and 2 primary grade treasures sitting back, observing and relishing the peace and respect and smiles. This man had operated restaurants in 2 countries Iraq and then Syria. Escape. Emigration. English classes. Kitchener. When I first grabbed his forearm in conversation, something clicked. (as many as touched Him…)

  1. Had an encounter yesterday at walmart while waiting for my prescription to be filled QUITE INTERESTING to say the least. I have just lost track now it occurs so often!
    The most interesting encounters happen when and where one least expects it and the most ordinary mundane appearing person can just rock your socks off in conversion if one is willing and open to engage!
    Never ceases to amaze me…Jesus.
    Y’all are getting deep into the “mist” of it now…”as many as touched Him”…yup!”
    Just the tip o’ the ol’ iceberg fer’ sure, refresher courses, warm-up exercises.
    That bicycle was always built for two since before either of you ever knew, it’s motorized now!:)


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