Twelfth Month Joy

nativity stained glass

Cindy had accepted somewhat awkwardly the invitation to the Advent service at St. Matthew’s. Sandy had come in to the Grill for lunch with his wife Barb, and the subject had come up.

It all sounded very promising with the tasteful decorations, the right kind of Christmas music and the telling of part of the Old Story. Crystal, her three year old, would be impressed. Good to get to the values of the Season. She knew that there wouldn’t be much in wrapping paper this year, Mom just having started the new job.

But Cindy had her reservations. Her parents were church folk, but they quarreled all of the time. Dad drank too much. Mom had had to take up a part-time job just to make ends meet. Neither had been in favour of her move to a new city. And Rick, the father of her child, had been in…

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One thought on “Annunciation

  1. Good Sir, i don’t know the answers to the questions you pose, I only know this…
    “I was blind and now I see…”
    I have no wish to contend with you or to create any further controversy, suffice to say that i was blind but now I see.
    How can you say that you see plainly and have always while still remaining blind?
    “young man, you need not sight to find Him…He Lives…in you.
    Embrace Him…embrace Life Everlasting”
    2 Corinthians 5:7
    Merry Christmas!
    God Bless!

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