Yes, But Sinless?

I wrote my comment (to another blogger) to address her boast in entire sanctification. ‘On the other side of the repentant sawdust trail, one can discipline oneself into sinlessness’ (she infers that she has, and does her endless scripture citation thing). That practice nauseated me from the word go. Now you, Friend, also have perceived a demon and it has something to do with the uppity female antagonism. She also knows the power of mystifying priest-craft and uses it without stating anything definitive about herself.
What about Romans 7. What about James 5. What about 2 Corinthians 7:1.
Now, I am more Holiness than Reformed. And I did read a lot of Charles Finney, New York state attorney turned mighty evangelist; but his teaching on sinless-ness rang hollow in light of experience in my life and the lives of faithful friends. The Apostle Paul didn’t have it. The Lord Jesus told parables about the faithful steward having to remain watchful until the Master’s return.
Glory will be a wonderful place, God-engineered, and without sin or sorrow. But not here. Not in this flesh. Not now.
And so I keep short accounts. Pray often. Call upon the Spirit (Romans 8). Repent often…Doug

3 thoughts on “Yes, But Sinless?

  1. I understand you consternation and I certainly identify with the story you tell. That there are those who cannot see that their boasting negates any spirituality. That the true test of a revelation is the ability to practice the Messianic Secret, that such a privilege is its own reward without any need of outside validation. I also read something close to this where a young man tells a overly romantic story of how He “showed” another God. To me this is not possible, only God can reveal God and for us to recognize God it is a personal and intimate journey that, while others can point the way to this grace, the recognition itself is based on individual personhood. So, I do not believe the arrogance this young woman states is necessarily gender oriented, it is a human weakness shared by both genders. I do not believe one gender has this weakness in more or less of a capacity it is merely expressed differently. I hope this person will see there is more to such reflections then seeking attention from others. That the true hero of every story mostly goes unsung, but I believe, they are most beloved by God. Many blessings, friend.

    1. You’re right, the problem is not gender-oriented. But there is a curse involving male and female strife. One of many. Been around since the Garden. Working on our flesh. Calvary showed the solution. Clean-up still in progress. And the weight-lifting is good for us. Involves the “fellowship” of His (Christ’s) sufferings. Doug

  2. Excellent post and comments, most thought provoking. I can see clearly both points of view, but there is more that has gone without saying that concerns this particular case and must remain as is for the sake of respecting privacy.
    The influence is strong, the evidence stark and compelling.
    Sssshe seems oblivious and it is drawn to vulnerable female neophytes that are falling under the influence.
    Are we not to continue working out our salvation in “fear and trembling?”
    God Bless.

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