Taken In Adultery

Mercy by DiCianni

No man Lord, condemns me

Though you most surely can

And yes, I did transgress

The Law in lust with that smooth man.

And rabbis drag me to your feet

For stoning, Moses said

And I with simply no excuse

Exposed and good as dead.

But you write something in the sand

And rabbis read and pause

And one by one they drop their rocks

Unworthy of their laws.

And I can sense a cleansing comes

In studying your face

I do repent; I will amend

At this your dawn of Grace.


(provoked by a good sermon I heard yesterday morning on the car radio concerning John 8: 1-12 and the dilemma of judgment meeting mercy in the sinless Christ)

Arresting image above by Ron DiCianni.


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