Spirit’s Fruit


I have a category by this name and I haven’t been investing much in it. Pity.

The 5th chapter of Galatians describes these fruits in contradistinction to the works of the flesh. They are all outcroppings of God’s kind of love invested in the believer through the Spirit.

I remember a time when my wife was saved and I wasn’t. Oh that didn’t stop me from having a position of responsibility in a liturgical church. But my wife had started dabbling in some “full Gospel” bunch; had gotten born again; had gotten baptized in the Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues.

It all seemed fanatical to me and I resisted with the calm words of caution. But deep down I knew that I was only playing church with no real heart’s commitment to Jesus and no understanding whatsoever of the Third Person of the Trinity. This…

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3 thoughts on “Spirit’s Fruit

  1. How can you tell when someone is a dyslexic, atheist, insomniac?
    They wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering if there really is a dog!

    Duct tape works “miracles” real good too!
    Is Kenneth Hagin Sr. still alive and can we start a fund to fly him to Australia?

    1. Hagin died once a young churchgoer and unsaved. Allowed to return. Never enough time thereafter to share the riches of faith and the force of righteousness. He died the second time a priest and king unto his God. Always a smile; always a simple country story. Much missed. Doug

  2. Somebody needs to track down that phony exorcist in “Aussie” land and demand a full refund on the good faith donation that was given…amen?!

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