She has this moment

And greets it with a smile

Though fast will be the fading

Of Memory in a while.

She asks of friends

And wonders how they are

Long gone Mom, the answer

To her not quite that far.

She has her strength

And moves through days

As if a younger girl.

The room, the plants and photos

The limits of her world.

But still that smile

And other quaint congenial stuff

Show to the Home

A ruse that thoughts are clear enough.

“Where does he live

And what’s his job

And has he found a girl?”

Such facts of grandson

Oft’ repeated in a swirl.

And “Oh you’re here!

I didn’t know the plan.”

Though thrice we spelled it out

That she might understand.

“And who’s that man

Young Lauren gets to see

…You like him, don’t you Son?”

And I say yes eternally.

The failing hurts

As we recall her mastery

Of friends and fun and function

From the past we see.

Just get her talking of the school

Old neighbourhood

Danish Aunts

Or nursing, golfing days.

And Memory seems another sort

And rises, registers and gladly plays.

So is it all so sad

Her fleeting map?

As she still revels at a country drive

And laughs and loves the moment

My Mom, so very much alive.

D. B.

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