Happy Stalls


Jan had been coming every weekend for over fifty  years. He and Maria, emigrants from troubled Hungary in ’57.

A job for both of them in piece work at the rubber boot factory. And then the happy sales efforts in the meat stall at Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. Old man Fleischman had been particularly gracious and had soon promoted the two to managers’ position. He liked these people, their smiles, courage, work ethic. And they knew how to get shoppers enthused about sausage, chops and ribs! Those were the days of the outdoor market beside the old City Hall. Mennonites, buggies, old Ford trucks, laden with produce, cheeses, syrup, meat specialties, tantalizing baked goods. Four A. M. set-up, weather notwithstanding. Street musicians. Artisans.

Then came the dismantling of the City Hall, and the new Mall and spanking clean indoor market. Fleischman had retired and died two years later of heart complications…

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