Big Shop

Big shop for big plans

Felt like a stevedore getting

It all home and packed away

‘Tis the Season

And the faces in crowds are just plain weary

Conversation among neighbours superficial

What will you be doing?

Who will be coming?

Haven’t seen him since when?


Haven’t seen Him since when.

A child views a child vulnerable

A half-lit manger and a starry sky

A wicked King who will be foiled

Some wise men in finery

Dropped to their knees

Much like the flock tenders

Who often stooped for a lambkin

And God comes as a wee One

Better than any super-hero re-make

Now’s that’s magic

Made marvelously free for the heart

“Be born in us today.”

D. B.


3 thoughts on “Big Shop

  1. Many years ago (about 3-4) as I was awakening I heard a small still voice, it whispered: “be prepared”
    I was lost and clueless, my immediate response was fear and dread you know? Oh man, now I’m really in for it! what’s coming? What is looming down the pipe?! What have I gone and done now that The Lord would be compelled to speak to me?!
    My stomach churned, I had anxiety attacks, I trembled, I stressed to no end…nothing had ever frightened me more than hearing this voice. But it was tender and kind, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me…you know? Mentally? Damaged? Schizo? People who hear voices are considered crazy…no?!
    A few days later the voice again very clear, it said slowly lovingly patiently as if addressing my distress and setting me at ease, comforting me…: “if you believe…that… “it”…is…bad…?”
    Left it as a question…the answers came upon me much later like a torrential rain mingled in a flood of joyful, grateful tears that just dropped me right down to my knees.
    Then I worked real hard to put it out of my mind! I thought I might be going insane, from past emotional traumas, head injuries I’d suffered in my life and perhaps this was manifesting as a latent effect?
    He gives us a treasure box to fill to be stored up in heaven…we have to determine what is worth putting in it and what is not.
    A vision of an outstretched opened hand materialized before my eyes from out of this swirling mist days later, it had a plain wooden box resting in it’s palm. No voice this time just a very vivid illustration, I could see this clearly without my physical sight affected in the least (think of a sort of picture within picture but neither conflicting with the other or distracting attention needed to perform driving functions).
    But along with the living illustration I could still hear the voice resonating within me as I meditated on this vision. This occurred as I was driving, the epiphany was overwhelming…as I stood there with my head in my hands pulled over now on the shoulder of the road, the full understanding was made clear to me…as evidenced by the box slowly dissipating and returning to mist followed by the hand disappearing.
    “I get it Lord thank you Lord, at least I think I do” I said as I wept uncontrollably.
    This experience/lesson never gets old and applies to so many situations that arise unexpectedly so very often ever since. Little did I know then just how much this would all apply to so many situations that have arisen since.
    He remains…eternally relevant!

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