December 27th

Filled with love

And largely mystery

Trees and tinsel

All torn down

Once again

The manger’s history

Good will hoped

Throughout the Town.

See the lonely

Brought to your path

See the draining

Hospice bed

Brimming love

Disdains the cruel math

Gives the help

Of Christ instead.

And a year

Is just beginning

Who can tell

He may come soon?

Let Him find you

In soul winning

Be it morning

Night or noon.


3 thoughts on “December 27th

  1. Forget bike and the trees, just look
    at that gorgeous brick wall moss and ivy…awesome!
    2 trees, 2 days after Christmas tinsel and tree headed to the trash, there goes all the flash!
    Temporary shine is officially worn off.

  2. Beautiful message Doug, bold of you to share it in this open way. Loving sentiments duly noted, many happy returns much appreciated all praise, thanks and glory be to God in Jesus’ name, amen.
    I’ve been encouraged and inspired by your boldness in sharing.

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