Letting Go the Reins


Oh but I have to steer this buggy. Father taught me how. Pretty good at it too. Horses respond to my voice and tug. Going nowhere without my gumption.

A loving Heavenly Father admonishes:

In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. (Isaiah 30: 15)

Enemies are close at hand! The Kingdom could be lost. Better go back to Egypt for resources. Yeah, they have the troops and the horses.

Well, what did Egypt really do for you before, Sonny Boy? Remember the slave pits and the humiliation?

Quietness – A getting still in the presence of God and his folk. Craning the neck for His loving whisper of courage and guidance. And with the pause, seeing the first of a progression of opening doors. And beginning to walk only then…and then…

Confidence – Trusting that His Word is true; His intentions unstoppable; His shepherding entirely sufficient.

Strength – God’s strength through Christ, and in the illumination of the Spirit. His, not mine, buoyed up by shaky boasts. Wow, what a trade-off!

Yeah I’ve got it now Lord. Come on up on the buggy seat beside me. Lots of room. Don’t think we’ve ever been this close. Here are the reins. Show me please. This is gonna be good.


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