Identification: A Romance in Redemption


This past weekend I discovered this old chestnut in a box in the basement.

The book was written in 1968 by E. W. Kenyon. Many consider that he was the Grand-Daddy of victory preaching, later heard from such names as Hagin, Copeland, Capps, Savelle and Dollar.

It made great use of the following scripture passages:

Isaiah 53

2 Corinthians 5: 21

Colossians 1: 9-17

The Author was saying that we have been marinated for too long by the Church in “sin consciousness”. So unworthy. Saved by grace. Could add nothing of our own initiative to redemption. Grace and grace alone.

It’s high time to take hold of the force of righteousness. To be representatives of Jesus wielding the sceptre of His Name, as if by power of attorney. Demons flee. Sicknesses loose their hold. Stubborn unbelief and defeatism melt before our heartfelt testimony.

In getting us to this place, Kenyon…

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3 thoughts on “Identification: A Romance in Redemption

  1. What I truly love best about you Doug is this, i get inspired and it’s tap, tap, tap away in trust and belief not ever quite sure of the statement I’m making or where i’m going because the fact is, at the time of inspiration I’m not even sure what is being expressed I’m like a man on fire. But then you come along with the scriptural quote, or something written decades or ages ago that reinforces every point made. At first, before I liked you and then loved you, frustrated me every time you did this…now I live for it! It only goes to prove that it’s all been said before, nothing new under the sun…just said in new ways. You help me to stay real, thank you.

    • It’s love and honest curiosity, Bro’…and bottom line, that’s not you and that’s not me. It’s Him, and praise God that He ever started pouring. I gave you the link to my first blog just because I thought you might be interested. The first month’s entries were posted out of my stuff by my friend Sam Buick who set up the blog to surprise me. And he sure did! Doug

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