A Voice For Him

I am troubled Lord
By what you would
Have me announce.
It is jarring,
Quite unlike former
News of encouragement,
Edification, comfort.
Often I have visited
Your Body
With thrilling
Words of destiny,
Agenda, untapped potential,
Giving the faithful
Glimpses of
The ‘greater things that
They might do’
Because You have gone
Unto the Father.
Harvest, Healing,
Prosperous venture.
Many platforms.
But now I see
Straightenings, reproach,
A little flock
And I tremble.
Is this moment your
Time to show
The assemblies
That without You
They can do nothing?
To weep at
The World taken in?
To repent again
With wiser eyes,
Multiplied scars?
From self-assurance
Which years back
Had evicted
Pure, holy,
Precious, child-like
Beggar’s faith
From their midst?
Submission to Sovereignty?
Compassion for the unlovely?
Worship without shopping lists?
Will this be the time
For serious harvest?
In a dark and perverse
Without honest answers.
May we find again
Your Sabbath? (Isaiah 58)
And delight in
And through You?
Doug Blair

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