The Lost Coin

In Luke 15 we always seem to rush to the story of the prodigal son. But really there are 3 stories telling of how God seeks and finds His children.

A wandering sheep…

A dropped coin rolling to a hidden place…

A lost and wasteful son…

With the story of the searching woman and the coin, we find some powerful points of interest. She lights a candle. That light is symbolic of the Spirit. It exposes sin. It leads to glowing truth. It is an attractive aura of brilliance and warmth. It captivates the attention.

She sweeps the house. Intense cleansing goes on. Garbage out. All the toys of the past, all the disappointing systems, creeds and philosophies, gone. And the light can THEN draw to something new. And the coin is returned to the woman for her purposes.

She has sought diligently. Left nothing out. And rejoices once the foundling returns to her household.

I guess it is the second point, the sweeping that really stands out here. As Christ illumines, all of the false hopes and systems are shown for what they truly are. The “coin” moves on to happier, truer, purer things.

Definitely Love finds him, and not the reverse.


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