A Just Conversation


He says he has a sordid past

I tell him many have

He wears the tokens of his theft

I note the nervous eyes

He says he is not of that type

I tell him all types come

He pauses to adjust his tie

I tell him just to try.

He says that Book is oh so old

I tell him it’s still true.

He speaks of ill done by the cloth

I ask “What’s that to you?

You’ll never meet a closer Friend

You’ll never lack for peace

You’ll never fear the grave again.”

I see he’s near release

He says he’ll find another time

I say there’s only now

Let Love and Light respond right here

You’ll find a rest in holy fear.

So that’s the trick?

It’s fear you use

In bully Bible ways?

No not at all

I share a Prince

Who all transgression pays

He takes the whip and nails for you

The earthquake and the shame

And pleads your case in realms above

And Jesus is His name.

Perhaps you sense that inner tug

The Spirit’s “go-ahead”

I do, he blurts

But I’m so foul

So listless and so dead.

A miracle is what it takes.

I haven’t got the fare.

Then trust the One

Who takes dark coal

And shapes a diamond rare…

(We hugged.)

Note: Any curious reader should take a serious look at 2 Corinthians 5 and Luke 15. The Words actually have the potential to beget new life. They are not mere literature…Doug



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