Paul: A Winner or a Loser?

*So what was it in this champion’s life that was abundant? He knew his destination of joy. He knew his Elder Brother and Forerunner Jesus as a present friend. He knew that his pardon was assured by grace bringing an end to draining self-doubt. He had experienced the intimate fellowship of suffering for Christ’s sake. His associations were all free of the handicaps of judgment, competition or bitterness. He saw the marvelous out-workings of Providence so many times and had absolutely no doubt as to God’s benevolence. He rejoiced in the birthing of new believers and never tired of proclaiming the Good News. He rested in a magnificent singleness of purpose. All of these blessings were certain whether or not he was experiencing material comfort or social acceptance. He said that he had learned to be content in any set of circumstances.

Probably the high point comes in his exclamations in Philippians 3. Read the chapter. We must also learn that in the New Testament, life is not a passage or experience; rather it is a commodity discovered in the True Vine (John 15) and imparted by the Saviour. Enjoyed forever.

* Taken from our ebook Competition in Christians. Click the link in the sidebar.


2 thoughts on “Paul: A Winner or a Loser?

  1. The Gospel is an elbow-rubbing contagion. Look at the Book of Acts. Tears and touch were actually felt, shared. That is why encouragement in cyber-space is usually powerless. That is why Gospel media is often a waste. Expect a small scale groundswell in neighbouhoods, markets and workplaces where touch again comes into play…Doug

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