In the Spirit


Painting by Ron DiCianni

It hasn’t come
And I’ve been praying.
Yes you know I poured
My heart out, night and day
And the sweating
And the crying
Were distraction;
As if I had no clue
Just how to pray.
And I thought
This must be time
For spirit’s groanings
Could I just abase myself
And let it go?
Yes the scripture said
If I knew not
The real solution
I might pray in tongues
The mind of God to show.
And no sooner
Had I yielded
To the urging
As some words emerged
From quite beyond my ken
That I sensed
A power larger
Than my problem
And a discourse
High above the forms of men.
Now the answer didn’t
Come just for the asking
But a peace
Beyond all hoping
Surely did.
You were there
Aware and full of consolation
And your child
Beneath your caring hand

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