Not enough space, I tell ya’

Not enough space

For thinking like yours

Next to mine.

This place has a history

This place has a heart

Peace comes with the bread

And the wine.

But you stir the waters

With Fourth Gospel thoughts

Of New Life

And Spirit indwelt

It’s just so uncivil

A slap at the past

And all that our Saints

Built or felt.

I enter the conflict

With chapter and verse

I swing and I slap

At your smile

Tradition unquestioned

From Peter ‘til now

But you field the blows

All the while.

You’re led by the Spirit

That’s what you have said

Now what kind

Of target is that?

Do you take the incense

That swings to and fro

And open your heart for a chat?

It’s foolish I tell ya’

And I’ve gone to war

To silence distraction like this.

Why won’t you fight fairly

And trade blow for blow?

Instead you respond

With a kiss.


Galatians 5: 22


4 thoughts on “Pugilists

    1. Schism bad. Reconciliation good. At the foot of the Cross, and with a deeper mutual appreciation of the impetus of the Spirit. The first 3 Gospels emphasize the what to believe and the what to do. The 4th speaks of the what to be by the Spirit…Doug

  1. Letter of the Law or the Spirit?
    Tradition revered or fresh leading of the Spirit?
    Arguing versus loving.
    Room for all in the name/nature of Christ?
    Time for unity not nit-picking.
    Liturgy/Learning/ Lifting one another up. They are all essential.
    Many churches dread John’s Gospel.
    If two sides are identified here, they both need each other.
    No this is not a dumping on the RC Church…Doug

  2. I feel better now T.R.B., had to ask Doug about this one via e-mail myself. It hit a multitude of chords and remained open to interpretation to me though I felt Doug had a specific meaning intended. Sometimes brother Doug goes deeper than I can follow without getting the bends?
    I don’t believe it’s intentional it just…”is”.

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