Five Chapters of Grief Vividly Felt


Mine eyes run down with waters

I see the judgment come

And not a one in Zion’s walls

Repents to save our home.

The women leave the homesteads

The children roam in sin

And not a priest will call it foul

The heresy we’re in.

The young men waste their vigour

The judges issue floss.

So You have launched your arrows

And You have brought us loss.

And bread has caught our bellies

The search transcending all

Neglecting writ of righteousness

And plunging fast, we fall.

It starts with my own person

Left weak and in the pit

And feeling, right or wrong, your ire

And terrified by it.

Our prayers don’t leave the temple

Not solemn now or real

And strangely, you still harbour hope

Though all this muck you feel.

Lord please hear my petition

Let Sovereignty dash our foe

And not just archers from without

The barbs within must go.

Then maidens pure will sing and dance

And young men pledge their heart

And children rest in safety’s arms

Your people set apart.


Lamentations 3: 42-50

Hebrews 2: 3, 4


Note: The Greek word for church “ecclesia” means a people set apart unto God.

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