The Mission-Reconciliation

I thank Doug for bringing this movie to my attention, I have not yet seen it but this one scene speaks volumes. Simple solution to many of our burdensome “Christian” Pilgrim-esque (John Bunyan) problems/burdens and the solution by way of open eyed simplest common sense of  primitive Pagans. A lesson in humility, relinquishing and yielding to trusting fully for God’s abundant provision in spite of ourselves. Lord knows what is best for us however pain filled the “way” of realization (epiphany) comes to us. Excellent illustration, it’s nothing new…been done before. Here it is done extremely well. But taken with a grain of salt, keeping in mind that these self same highly esteemed Hollywood actors have no qualms about blaspheming the name of The Lord in the name of art and industry and Mammon!



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