There are various things recorded as mysteries in the scriptures. “I tell you a mystery…”

The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

The reconciliation of Jew and Gentile in time through Christ

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit

The rapture of the Church

The mystery of iniquity

The mystery of godliness

Refer to a concordance and see them there.

I love a good mystery. Just got finished reading again The Hound of the Baskervilles with Sherlock Holmes. Eerie territory. Pathways through quagmire. Obscuring fogs. Terrifying sounds. Sulphurous smells. Lurking threats. Folklore through the ages. Curses. Villains and deceit. Distinctions of nobility and service. Wrong paths. Re-tracing of one’s steps. Half thought out clues. Poor judgments. Providential information hitting like a clap of thunder. New eyes given to see.

It all took time for Holmes and Dr. Watson to solve the story.

Revelation takes time for each one of us. The ones gone on a little bit before must show and exercise patience with those following. It is not immediately as clear to see “as the nose on one’s face”. There is a patient and benevolent timing to the clues. And lest I be misunderstood it is not a matter of intelligence, but rather of mercy and providence. My dear Watson.

God is the One laying out the clues, lovingly, and in His perfect timing, heart by heart.

Behold, He cometh with clouds (Revelation 1:7a)


3 thoughts on “Mysteries

  1. I got this right off (getting better)! Cleverly veiled response to last email, followed the clues right to the revelation…brilliant!
    “Elementary my dear Watson, elementary”
    All glory be to God period!

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