Doing Only Good

We take the barbs

And try to keep on smiling

And words profane

Are launched to make us wince.

The extra mile

Is carried through obedience

For those who

Vilify our Prince.

The Prince of Peace

And all they want is trouble

And angry thoughts

Command their waking hours.

And we will serve

For those who take for granted

To render good

With Grace applying Heaven’s powers.

We reach the Highest

With petitions forged in challenge

And angels come

To hedge us all around.

True priests and kings

Who gain the Ear Omnipotent

In battle

That progresses underground.


One thought on “Doing Only Good

  1. Heard a song lyric on the radio before walking into the house and reading this very interesting “He’s four days late and still right on time” Awesome thought isn’t it?!

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