Threshold of Prayer

Something in tomorrow

Will round the corner for me.

I have prayed as sleep

Tugged at the eyelids.

The list of Father please

Yielded to the

List of Father thanks

And Father come

And Father mine

And Father Wow.

Until you lovingly

Touched the back of my head

And stopped my words.

“Enough Son” that touch had meant

And I swam into another realm

Of blues and greens

And waving verdure.

And small coloured fish

Problem free.

A “Son” knowing rock-bottom

The journey is safe

The morning has its new glow.

3 thoughts on “Threshold of Prayer

  1. This is a great example of how to reach outside the box. Outside of the city gates. Outside of the “Thresholds Of Prayer”. Into the mystery that hears and faithfully answers. Doug I am mesmerized by the illustration you chose for this piece it’s almost as though you accessed it straight from my mind.

    • It used to be a big hobby of mine tropical fish! I never told you that, I can spend an entire day at an aquarium without ever getting bored…a truly Holy Spirit inspired visual piece in word and visual! This a great example of not “holding back” what would be the point? Our Lord knows what is in our heart of hearts!

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