Friendship, But Kicking and Swinging

Them gloves wuz’ loaded!


Be It Resolved

Anthony and I were NOT hitting it off. The writing of one drew the attention and birthing appreciation of the other. But testosterone, profiling, shoulder chips and foregone conclusions were all problematic. Also the very male thing of trying to fix it with “helpful” candour, like a kick to the abdomen. Also the strange workings of the Holy Spirit.

Deep down each of us realized that this was not a very gracious way to speak out as writers for the King. We kept on coming back to each other’s postings and comments. The progression was something like ‘creative – curious – competitive – cautioning – caustic – convicted – conciliatory – comrades – collaborators’. Strange how men behave, when they are crying out for affirmation and friendship.

We exchange emails, talk by phone occasionally, pain and yearn and smile for some of the same things in and…

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2 thoughts on “Friendship, But Kicking and Swinging

  1. In your confessions is a strength of conviction and an awareness that most are incapable of recognizing and make the choice to ignore as a small wonder and then complain God never helps. Recognizing the simple and true miracles are the door to profound miracles. A relationship that is too tame does not stretch the limits of our awareness or courage to find within ourselves strengths we never knew we had. And then still keep the relationship strong despite and in spite of differences. Clearly this is not something we can do on our own.

  2. Doug is a very Holy Spirit gifted observer and interpreter, he has helped me to understand things I’ve written that I could not understand on my own. He has been a Godsend into my life and I am eternally grateful for this tremendous blessing of friendship and brotherhood. To me…he is a “walking”, living, breathing miracle and evidence of a Loving Saviour’s grace. You are extremely perceptive N.O.K. I knew that when first we met, you hit me like a freight train hurricane I knew you were the real deal, “Clearly this is not something any of us can do on our own” Very well put! God bless those gifted eyes. There you have it I said something nice about Doug and you too (Ungh…I think I’m gonna be sick?) see what ya’ made me do? a.g.

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