Philippians chapter 3 says some very wonderful things.

Paul has set a target and a prize before him. It is worth forgetting most of the past insofar as it might dampen faith and vision and progress.

He strains like the well-tuned athlete for the finish-line.

It is to know Christ intimately and the fellowship of His sufferings, if by any means he (Paul) might attain unto the resurrection from the dead. Not that he is there yet, but he presses forward to apprehend that for which he is also apprehended of Christ.

Now wait a minute! Who is chasing whom? Jesus is in many places referred to as the Bridegroom. Figure it out. Might also take a wander over to Psalm 45.

Shoutin’ ground Friends, shoutin’ ground…

To know Him

As the maiden knows her suitor

To hear Him

As the poet thrills to song

To feel Him

As the wounded soothed and heartened

To trust Him

In His likeness, kind and strong.

This the measure

Of the race that we are running

This the treasure

Of the prize so close at hand.

Not our skill but

His provision for the finish

And sweet laurels

We will later understand.


2 thoughts on “Apprehended

  1. I never quite thought of the apostles and Paul, in this way, that their ministry was driven by an image that was [perhaps] better than the kind of bliss, albeit catatonia, of heaven. That indeed, heaven offered beauty of Paradise, a return to Eden but, perhaps, Jesus fueled another image of joy and wonder, and the apostles and Paul knew they could attain this awesomeness. I realize I had stopped in my contemplations that the apostles were merely doing what they were told to do. I did not consider that they KNEW that they could join Christ in something hard to reveal in our 3 dimensions but can only resonate hope, love, and joy. They KNEW, and that should never be underrated. That all we might say or think we know, we actually do not know in an empirical sense. But they did.

  2. Revelation knowledge cannot be customarily packaged. There is an internal magnet for the beloved confirming “This is True North, this is True North”. He is Love. He is yours. He is for you; has His hand on you. Keep going up. Neither life nor death…(Read for your yourself that portion in Romans 8) Doug

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