Lion Of Judah-Robin Mark

Aye…there be ya’ fiddle Masta’ Dougee!


2 thoughts on “Lion Of Judah-Robin Mark

  1. The one Jewish Mama said, “My son’s a doctor ya know. Doing so very well”. The next had a psychiatry professor. The third an in-house corporate counsel. And the fourth had a curious expression. My Son was maligned and misinterpreted, spat upon, called a fraudulent religious huxter and killed, in spite of all his good messages and touch of healing and hope, and selfless life’s story.”
    There was an awkward pause in the group as she continued, “…but it’s not over by a longshot. He has defeated death and will soon reveal Himself to living and dead as Son of God and Saviour, conquering King, Lion of Judah. Every knee shall bow to Him, even the belligerent. Girls, I am already the happiest Mama around.”

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