On the Hot Seat


The Vice-Principal excused himself for a moment and left Anna gazing over framed awards and photos of school teams. This had happened once before and she didn’t have any clue how the day would go.

Mr Clark pushed open his door giving some final directions to Secretary Davis about a mailing of some importance to all the teachers.

“Well Anna, Form 11G and Co-Editor of the Voice-Over. It seems that we are into it again today, young lady. Religious activities in the parking lot during a spare. Tell me about it.”

“Sir it was a beautiful afternoon and I wanted some sun before Calculus class. I sat down upon my back pack and started to read aloud a couple of the Psalms that consider God’s natural world. The wording is so beautiful. Next thing I knew I had some classmates and a couple of strangers from the 12th grade sitting…

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