Men Wondered At


Yep, you’re on display and under the microscope…like it or not. In the spirit realm your inner Friend is being detected and the spirit of the world wants to investigate, and perhaps cross swords:

What makes this guy tick? In so many ways apparently, he does not run with us.

Is he a fanatic and into some cult?

Is he really happy or is this just a dutiful put-on?

Will he end up losing out big time?

He seems to have peace and control. How’s that?

I know that I can find the crack in this thing somewhere.

Can’t seem to get him upset. That’s just not natural.

He seems to speak about the future and eternal things. I can’t get past this Thursday?

For me Jesus has just been another cuss word.

The list of challenges and puzzlements goes on. In his First Letter the Apostle Peter tells us…

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