Asaph in Quandary

It’s your silence Lord

That I can’t understand.

Holy places cut down

Or ignored altogether

Shove and Avarice

Grin broadly, with the jeer

“Does He see? Does He hear?

Not hardly.”

And you the One Who

Parted dreadful waters

Catalogued the code of peace

Gave holy men their place

And rousing example.

How long dear God

The silence

Deemed disinterest?

Or weakness?

But I know differently

Almost tingling, expectant

One of the turtle-doves

Winging from oppression

Perched high

In your hidden sanctuary.

Cooing and calling deliverance

By faith.

…Purposeful delay

Mercy’s one more day

But then the cruel must pay.

Psalm 74

One thought on “Asaph in Quandary

  1. It is not wrong for a believer to imagine recompense and final justice. The ideal of course is that enemies become brethren by faith. Samson slew 3000 with a toppled palace. Peter slew 3000 with the preaching of conviction and good news. “What must we do?”

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