Tenth Beatitude

“Just take the elevator to the third floor. Hang a left and walk to the end of the corridor. You will find the hospital chapel and the Pastoral Care Director’s office right out front.

Wayne found it with no difficulty. Roman Catholic hospital was bound to have a good one. Empty. Quiet. Gentle pastel tones on the walls. Sunday Missals in each pew. Fourteen stations of the Cross around the room; each a picture in bas relief about 14 by 18 inches. (Jesus is condemned; given His cross; drops it several times; acknowledges his Mother; receives Simon’s help with the burden; speaks to the women of Jerusalem about the coming days; receives Veronica’s face washing with the cloth/traditional; Jesus expires; rests in His Mother’s lap on Golgotha; is buried in Joseph’s tomb.)

Wayne coughed and the room echoed resoundingly. Marvelous acoustics! Not supposed to cough in here, Buddy. He spoke a…

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One thought on “Resoundingly

  1. Many times have I found myself in that empty hospital chapel and the young Chaplain 9/13′ who came to comfort me prior to open heart surgery…glad was I to lead him in prayer he was very grateful and seemed somewhat relieved. In my pre-op state of mind, i was a real handful for the poor kid:) He was a man nearly my age but that’s not what I saw standing before me.
    One on one, never knew what hit im’ or what was accompanying me, never seen “eyes” so wide agape in my natural life..?
    And I knew…I just knew…why the sudden all encompassing, enveloping, PEACE, he sensed it as well. He was a different man walking out of that room than when he arrived.

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