Life-Changing Book…Be Bold


Can you see this image? Pretty small isn’t it. But the message is large and I wanted you to have access to it. The author, Wilford Reidt, is a minister of the Gospel and a teacher and a son-in-law to the renowned healing preacher John G. Lake. I have posted some videos on Lake and intend to do more.

In so many ways he re-iterates that Jesus is still in the healing business as well as the saving business. Chapters include the following:
2. Does God Ever Heal?
4. Does God Always Heal?
7. Chastisement and Sickness
8. Protection
10. Life Here – How Long?
11. Special Considerations and Objections (Why was the righteous man Job in so much of a mess? What was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh? Did Luke Act as Physician to Paul? The Man Born Blind.)
13. The River of Healing

Take a special look at…

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