Prayer of Faith


waiting-patiently-roy-williamsThe Prayer of Faith sticks to the word of promise when no progress in that direction can be discerned with the senses. It is a hope against hope in the fashion of old Abraham’s bold stance that he was going to become the Father of Nations at an extremely old age; and his wife Sarah the mother, although barren throughout the marriage. (Romans 4)

The underlying immutable facts are that God has promised; He is Father; He is love; He is omnipotent; He knows everything about the situation; He is entirely honest.

As the unfolding of the promise takes its time, the expectant child is steeled with courage, self-denial, honest inquiry into God’s nature and scripture hunger. He watches carefully his confession, giving no license to despair or panic. He listens carefully to the urgings of his spirit. Is there a continuation of peace?

Consider this illustration. A young boy…

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