Awright Then…


5 thoughts on “Awright Then…

  1. You Laughed? Laughed. 1967 was a good year…and the cape well that was the bee’s knees. Little more respect AG. James Brown had a cape. Bella Lugosi had a cape. Zorro had a cape. Sesame Street Count had a cape. Ivanhoe had a cape. Awright, awright don’t hurry, but send the letter of apology at your convenience.

    1. I apologize, Superman had a cape, in fact as a kid I used to run around the house in my tighty whitey’s with a towel as a cape and an “S” on my chest I used my Mom’s eyeliner to draw and make whooshing sounds as I terrorized my entire family with my antics. Thanks be to God for no photographic evidence!
      “There he goes again”
      (please tell me you don’t still watch “sesame street”…please?)
      B.T.W., Jody hates it when I do the Superman thing now, she says grow up you’re fifty five years old…act your age!
      She’s a real party pooper sum’ times, especially when I do it in Walmart:(

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