The Performance


Hi Brad how’s it going?

Fine Chuck, just fine

He scraped the snow off his shoes

In the vestibule.

Missed you at the breakfast yesterday

Those four guys really cooked up a spread

Nope, had some other stuff going

Diane not with you today?

Just a little under the weather

And Bill’s team off on a bus trip

Hockey…he’s all over the place.

Can’t get two words with the boy.

Oh well, he’s busy

And that’s good.

Yeah, I suppose.

Jean and I would really like

To have you two over soon.

Sure let’s work it out.

Look a little off-colour Brad

You sure everything’s OK?

Oh, God is good my man

Think I’ll take a seat.

OK Buddy…

…”And here are the Stinsons

Sue, you’re a real picture in that dress.”

Hands shaken.

And Brad settles in his pew

And kneels…alone.

Light turned red and warm

Through the stained glass above

Falling beside him

On the hardwood bench.

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